Healthy sound: the facts at a glance

Healthy sound: the facts at a glance

Sound comes in all shapes and sizes. Just think of ambient noise, background music, concert noise, traffic, machines in the house and at the workplace, TV sounds, etc. The difference in sound forms can be in:

  • volume
  • pitch
  • sound source

The volume, or the volume, is indicated in decibels. We indicate the pitch in Hertz. People perceive tones between 20 Hertz (which sounds like a low hum) and 20,000 Hertz (very high beep). As you get older you will be able to observe less and less high frequencies. For example, an average person of twenty observes only 16,000 Hertz.

The function of sound

Sound has several functions. In this way it enables us to communicate and to recognize danger. Sound can also have a calming or glorifying effect. The sound of rippling water is generally experienced as soothing and music determines the atmosphere at parties and events, for example.

Everyday noise

Noise is getting louder and more often in our society and will only increase in the future. More sound means more volume, where soft and dull sound are hard to hear. The result is that we also turn up the soft and dull sound, which in that case provokes us to drown out with other sounds. This creates a vicious circle that eventually causes hearing damage.

Hearing damage can occur with prolonged exposure to sound of 75 decibels or louder. So it’s good to know how many decibels of everyday sounds enter our ears:

  • 30 decibels: conversation in a whisper
  • 60 decibels: conversation in normal tone
  • 75 decibels: conversation on screaming tone

If you are at the front of a concert, the sound can enter your ear with up to 110 decibels. It is therefore important to protect your hearing with, for example, ear plugs.

Sound from Limmerick

Limmerick provides top quality sound. Whether it’s sound at a presentation or at a music event. By using quality equipment, Limmerick ensures that sound is audible in any desired environment, even without turning the sound to a maximum volume.

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