You appreciate music with your eyes

You appreciate music with your eyes

If you think that music is the most important atmosphere determiner of your party or event, you will be disappointed. Research shows that we can only properly assess music as soon as a visual aspect is added.

Audio-visual appreciation

You will be amazed, but unknowingly we value music only when we actually SEE the artist or orchestra. A team of British researchers came to this conclusion after a study in which two groups of people had to appreciate music with accompanying images and music without images. The test subjects had to estimate how far the artist had made it at a music competition that had been judged by a professional jury. One group only saw the image fragment of the artist, without the sound. The other group only heard the sound and did not see an image. Surprisingly, it turned out that the group of people WITH images managed to name the winner more often than the group that had to judge the sound without images.

Sound and light together

Do you want to organize a successful event or party where music plays a role? Then it is important to set up a good image concept in addition to your sound. Limmerick offers you the possibility to use special light and smoke effects in addition to a professional sound system. A visual party spectacle ensures a high rating. With Limmerick light and sound, your party will be talked about for a long time to come.

Custom light and sound effects

Are you looking for something really special? Limmerick also provides a full drive in show with an affordable package deal. We make your entire event completely customized and can be enhanced with all audio and visual effects. For example, consider a photo or video wall. Your party can hardly be more visual. For more information about the drive-in show, visit or contact us for personal advice.

Service from Limmerick

Limmerick has a clear price list for the standard services. Of course, the unique options per party are looked into. For additional options or options that are not mentioned on the site, you can request a quote without obligation. All prices include construction and dismantling and are tailored to each occasion. Limmerick turns every party into an audiovisual highlight.

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