Tips for maintaining sound equipment

Tips for maintaining sound equipment

Limmerick specializes in maintenance due to its large range of sound equipment. Now we would like to share with our customers how you can best maintain your sound equipment.

“Cheap is wrong”. In addition to the fact that (more expensive) high-quality sound equipment gives better performance, they are also easier to maintain and the service life is longer. With high-quality sound equipment, it is often possible to replace parts. With cheaper sound equipment it is often not even possible to replace parts. In addition, the parts are often expensive and difficult to find and therefore not even worth the effort because new audio equipment can be purchased for that money. That is why we recommend that you purchase sound equipment of good quality.

How does your audio equipment last the longest? Start by handling things neatly.

  • Use flight cases for the protection of your equipment to store, transport and possibly store it.
  • Make a well-arranged setup of the sound equipment so that you cannot trip over the wiring and the equipment cannot fall. We recommend that you continue to use the same setup to get used to it.
  • Keep smoking, drinks and dust away as much as possible.
  • Do not look for the limits of the sound equipment to go a bit faster than is actually possible.

Then we come to the cleaning, checking for defects and the replacement of broken parts.

Ensure that the sound equipment is kept clean. Dust, ash and other such dirt can cause the sound equipment to break faster. Make sure that the sound equipment is cleaned regularly from the inside, but follow the device’s instructions so that there are no unexpected problems.

Finally, you can measure your sound equipment with various measuring devices, this quickly shows whether there are defects and they can be replaced on time.

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